In 2016, Apple launched the wireless headset Apple Airpods for the first time in San Francisco's autumn new product launch. In recent years, Airpods is considered to be the best product in wireless headsets due to its long battery life, simple portability, and rechargeable storage box. Airpods uses the newly developed W1 wireless chip control, touch microphone, optical sensor, speaker and other devices. For the first time, Siri has been extended to the headset, and Siri can be called by double-clicking on the round hole on the earbud to implement voice detection.

Superior Airpods 2 features

These outstanding features made Airpods popular, and in response to public feedback on Airpods, Apple upgraded Airpods in March 2019 to launch Airpods 2, which has the same look and feel as Airpods. The Airpods 2 uses an H1 chip that can double the speed of the device, while the dial-up speed is increased by a factor of 1.5, and the duration of the call is extended to three hours, although the battery life has not changed. In addition, Airpods 2 no longer needs to double-click the hole to use the "Hey Siri" function, we only need to call Siri on the headset, Siri will provide us with services, and now Siri has become our honey friend.

For Airpods charging, the Airpods 2 has a more convenient charging feature with an optional wireless charging box that can be charged using a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. In other words, if you have Airpods, you only need to buy a wireless charging box, you can increase the wireless charging function, and this wireless charging box can store 24 hours of battery capacity, or buy Airpods 2 without wireless charging box. The standard box will be $40 cheaper.

Airpods accessories

As Airpods become more popular, Airpods is also constantly developing accessories for different needs to meet the needs of different groups of people to improve the performance of Airpods and improve the use of Airpods. Let's configure Airpods with unique accessories to make your Airpods unique.

Airpods case

1.Airpods case.

If you have used the Airpods series, you may know that it still has some defects. Airpods are not waterproof, and once Airpods and wireless charging boxes are in contact with water, they may not be usable. Put the wireless charging case into your backpack or pocket and use it again. You will notice scratches or dirt on the white and smooth surface of Airpods. At this time, an excellent Airpods case can avoid these situations. Now that the Airpods case has extended more features to meet the demand, it has a super waterproof function, and a removable silicone can cover the charging port at the bottom, even if it falls into the water to protect the Airpods. The external Carabiner can be hung on the backpack or pants, which is very convenient. The Airpods case has a unique exterior design that caters to those who feel that the charging case is monotonous, and is easier to distinguish from others. After all, many people are using Airpods.

Airpods ear hooks

2. Airpods ear hooks.

I believe that many people have worn Airpods while running, and you will find that sweating and shaking of the head cause the Airpods to fall. For those who like to wear Airpods while exercising, but hate the headphone cord that wraps around the neck, the Airpods ear hooks are a good choice to keep the Airpods in your ears and prevent the headphones from falling. However, the only problem is that the ear hooks cannot be placed in the box together with the earphones, need to be disassembled during storage, and assembled again when used, which is troublesome. Airpods are not friendly to everyone. People with larger or smaller cochleas may not be able to wear headphones safely, and ear hooks can help them hold the headphones.

Wireless charging box.

3. Wireless charging box.

If you are still using the original Airpods, but want to have wireless charging, you can choose to buy a wireless charging box, so your Airpods will be the same as Airpods 2. In addition, when your Airpods battery is very bad or the charging box is lost, it is very cost-effective to choose to purchase a wireless charging box separately.

Headphone cable.

4.Headphone cable.

The biggest advantage of Airpods is wireless, but it is also very easy to lose one or two headphones. The headphone cable is very useful if you don't want to experience the bad situation of losing a headset. And for those who like to climb, the rugged and remote areas are the favorite places to reach. In order to ensure that the Airpods will not be lost during the climbing process, you may need a strap to connect the two headphones together to fix the Airpods.

Bluetooth transmitter.

5. Bluetooth transmitter.

When you are sitting on an airplane and want to connect to the entertainment system in your seat or want to use the system in the gym, pair Airpods with a Bluetooth transmitter and plug in any 3.5mm audio jack to start listening to music. When Airpods is paired with the transmitter, you must turn off the phone's Bluetooth, but Airpods will return to the box, press the Bluetooth button on the transmitter to enter pairing mode, and then click the pairing button on the Airpods box to connect. Very simple.