For Pubg Controller Game Shooter Trigger Fire Button for iPhone Review: Give Yourself the Mobile Edge

A few years ago, portable game consoles were the real deal as they were inconceivably cool and rare. Nowadays, every Tom, Dick, and Harry owns a smartphone, always in their pocket. This has mainly made portable game consoles something of the past. But then there's something that these consoles were lacking.

Seeing as the key variation between a portable game console and playing on a smartphone screen is the lack of a tangible controller. Of course, the digital touchscreens come with their benefits, but the same applies to physical mobile controllers too. They also have their advantages. People are largely more practiced on physical interfaces and they are more accurate.

For Pubg Controller Game Shooter Trigger Fire Button for iPhone 

This pugb mobile controller iOS was intended mainly for mobile games, and particularly for the iPhone. On the whole, the objective appears to be letting gamers relish two different benefits; the benefits of a touchscreen coupled with the benefits of an actual analogue controller.

You get to enjoy all these benefits without making any actual sacrifices throughout the entire process. However, technically, you make your smartphone a bit larger and less moveable by adding the controller.

But if you're eager to make that expense, there's little question to having the best controller for pubg mobile. It provides you with more enhanced control over your actions. This is a general benefit that you're sure to enjoy provided you start using a portable controller.

With no pubg mobile controller support for the iPhone, from the viewpoint of the game, mobile controllers are likely to be misunderstood as a cheat. Regrettably, that can make numerous gamers who utilize mismatched equipment to be barred from playing some games. That's partly since having hardware advantages over other gamers can make or break a game.

 For Pubg Controller Game Shooter Trigger Fire Button for iPhone Review

Key Features Description

  •  3 in 1 Pubg Mobile Controller

One of the best controllers for pubg mobile, this mobile gamepad has been improved for ergonomic design to boost your when laying. Three refers to the simultaneous operation to help you win. You won't get wiped out even after playing for prolonged periods.

The pubg mobile controller iOS comprises a gamepad, game trigger, and mobile phone controller. All of these enable you to have a top gaming experience when playing games. What is more, you can also release your hands when watching videos.

  •  Sensitive Trigger

The gaming trigger utilizes conductive zinc for a speedy response. Besides, you can flip it 180 degrees for simple operation. The rear alloy trigger simulates the actual shooting experience.

  •  Spring Stretch Clamp

You can stretch retractable bracket left and right to fit various phones, for mobile phones ranging from 4.5 up to 6.5 inches.

All metal connecting rod design, stronger conductivity, and quicker-shooting speed.

  •  User-friendly Design

The Pubg mobile controller iOS comes with a user-friendly design (hollow side design), as it doesn't block the phone screen, doesn't squeeze the buttons as well as jacks, and you can charge or plug in your headphones while using it. The game doesn't stop.

  •  Size

This controller has an approximate size of about 127*75*115mm/5*2.95*4.53in, and an approximate weight of about 157 grams. Although this adds a bit of weight to your smartphone when holding it, that's also for the best.

Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

When in the hunt for the best mobile for Pubg, you've got to bear in mind that Pubg mobile is a graphic intensive game. For this reason, you'll have to opt for a strong device. The iPhone lineup comprises some of the new devices you can buy.

  •  iPhone XR

iPhone XR may perhaps disregard a few features that make it indeed amazing for Apple's iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS. However, it does that at a lower price. And even though it might have a thinner display, the device sill provides 6.1 inches of screen size.

Even if its lower price matches conclusions, including simple lens configuration, Apple's iPhone XR is not skimping on the inside. Just like other Apple models, it packs an A12 Bionic chipset and also runs iOS 13 and iOS 12. This implies that you can play all the same games as smoothly (if not smoothly, given that the XR has fewer pixels for push). Lastly, the XR has one of the best iPhone batteries; hence it's a great pick if you would like lots of game time on iOS.

  •  iPhone XS / XS Max

As the name suggests, the iPhone XS Max is bigger than the standard iPhone XS in numerous aspects. The iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch screen compared to iPhone XS, which has a 5.8-inch screen. Besides, the XS Max's bigger battery makes it work longer than the iPhone XS, nearly an hour longer. These XS Max benefits will provide you with a better edge than the standard XS. However, both of them are equipped with an A12 Bionic Processor.

Apart from the XR and XS, Apple versions, the other iPhone you can opt for is iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro max. Their qualities are almost similar as they offer some of the best chipsets in smartphone gaming, huge screen, colorful screen, and great battery life. The only downside is that they are expensive.

 For Pubg Controller Game Shooter Trigger Fire Button for iPhone Review

Benefits of iOS Mobile Game Controllers

Some of the benefits you'll enjoy by using iOS-compatible game controllers include:

ퟀ�  Accuracy

Whether you're playing for PUBG Mobile, Survivor Royale, Rules of Survival, Critical Ops, etc. iOS controllers boost your precision and accuracy.

ퟀ�  User-friendly

Owing to their well-known form factors as well as portability, the iOS controllers simple to pick up and use in your preferred games.

ퟀ�  Responsive

The best Pubg mobile controller iOS will respond to the smallest touch, along with speedy response times.

ퟀ�  Competitive

Mobile video gamers are at the main disadvantage on a touchscreen. Nevertheless, with controller support, you can stand against the pros- from your iPhone smartphone!

Playing video games is all about enjoying yourself and having a good time. The best iOS-compatible game controllers improve the overall gaming experience, providing you with better immersion and thrill.