Magnetic USB phone cable will be a complete revolution in the USB cable market

With the introduction of magnetic USB iPhone cable, the charging experience has become storming and easy. In this article, we will help you understand some incredible features about Apple iPhone charger cable with an example.

In addition, we will give a comprehensive study of magnetic cable. And finally, bring the article to the conclusion by providing you a destination where you can find USB cable iPhone at a very affordable price. So, without further ado let us begin by learning the evolution bringing technology i.e. magnetic iPhone cable.

What is a magnetic cable?

Using a traditional charging cable has become an option due to the launch of magnetic USB cable. Here below is the easiest definition or explanation of the technology.

Magnetic Cable – Magnetic USB Cable is nothing but a magnetic USB cable created for both iPhone (Lightning) and Android (Micro-USB). It is quite different from the traditional USB cable.

For using a normal USB cable to charge your phone, you are required to plug or unplug the device, right? And this task becomes more complex when you are in a hurry or the dark or even driving. In order to eliminate this complexity magnetic USB cable comes into play which has revolutionized the tech. world and made the charging very convenient and easy.

 Magnetic USB iPhone Cable

Why do we say that? Because of the following features, it offers:


#1. The magnetic USB cable can charge in both normal modes as well as fast mode. Here is a list of some devices that can support the technology:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • LG

Magnetic USB cables also support several portable game players, cameras, power banks, and the list can go on. Altogether, the point is magnetic USB cable can be used for any devices that have a Lightning port or a Micro-USB port.

#2. You can easily connect USB cable with your handset through the magnetic connection.

#3. A light indicator in the cable plug can help you locate your cable in the dark very easily.

#4. Users can detach the USB cable simply by bending its plug.

#5. There is a charging switch on the cable itself, that lets you switch between the fast charging modes and data transfer.

#6. The charging socket is designed in such a way that it can prevent damages from water or dust.

Now, to get inspired and build confidence in the technology you will need to read the following benefits that magnetic USB cable provides.

Benefits of Magnet USB Cable over Traditional USB cables

#1. Reversible Plug

The magnetic USB cable provides a reversible plug, meaning you don't need to worry about the plug being flipped or its direction. The magnetic USB cable can be connected to the handset from both sides.

#2. Double-sided Smart Light Indicator

A smart light indicator can notify you about the charging status, in addition to that, it can also help you locate the USB cable in the dark.

#3. Instant Charging Mode Switching Tech.

The features in magnetic USB cable offers both the charging process and data transfer simultaneously. You can easily switch between the fast charging and data synchronization' with a click of a button.

#4. High Quality & Powerful Magnet

Magnetic USB cable utilizes the highest standard of the magnet in the industry. The magnet power of the cable is so strong that it can hold the weight of the handset very easily.

#5.Powerful Electric Current

Magnetic USB cable incorporates pure copper that allows passage of up to 3A current. This is twice as fast as traditional USB cables out there in the market.

Now, let us consider an example that is doing extremely well in the market, we are talking about 360º+180º Rotate Magnetic USB Cable for iPhone.

 Magnetic USB iPhone Cable

360º+180º Rotate Magnetic USB Cable for iPhone

This impressive technology is exclusively available on Kmmin for iPhone users. Here below are some extra details for your convenience.

Description of the product

  • Surface Material: Nylon
  • Has Retail Package: Yes
  • Maximum Current: 2.4A
  • Feature: Magnetic Adapter Magnetic USB Connector, Micro USB Fast Charging Cable for iPhone
  • Features: It has Magnetic and Alloy Connector
  • Material: This special Magnetic USB is made up of Aluminum Plug + Nylon Cable

What special benefits does it offer?

1: It allows a lot of safety while driving – As you may know the features that magnetic USB cable is loaded with. It does not affect your driving concentration because you just have to draw the cable towards the socket and it will get connected. Altogether, it allows for one-hand operations.

2: 360-degree Rotation – You can perform your operations at any angle you want with this magnet USB cable for iPhone.

3: It is safe and efficient because it works on high quality powerful magnetic suction that reduces the number of plugging or unplugging. Thus, helping your handset socket to have a long life too.

4: This Magnetic USB cable has a high-quality pure copper core.

5: To cover the outer part of the cable and make it rough and wear-resistance there is a braided high-density nylon thread hugging the cable.

There you go, benefits and features that 360º+180º Rotate Magnetic USB Cable for iPhone' has, it is time for you to take a glance at its delivery policy.

Shopping Policy –

KMMIN has a goal to offer its customers the best products and services regardless of where they live in this world. There are more than hundreds of customers who are served across the globe, plus the responsive time of the team is really quick.

The time frame for order delivery is divided into 3 parts:

#1. Handling Time:

  • KMMINnormally ships within 1 to 3 business days once receiving the customer’s instant payment.

#2. Delivery time:

  • Standard Shipping: 7to 14 business days.
  • Express Shipping: 3 to 6business days.

#3. Shipping Fee:

  • Standard shipping is free.
  • The express shipping fee is also free but your order needs to reach $99 or more.

Final Words

There you go folks, everything is covered about magnetic iPhone cable. We learned how these technologies are changing the charging system and making it easy to use. The small downside of the magnetic iPhone cable is that it has limited devices to support. Once it will be available for every handset in this world that will be the day of a complete revolution in the USB cable market.