Useful accessories to get that will help keep your Airpods safe

Since the introduction of the Apple Airpods in 2016, it has quickly risen as one of the most popular trends in the tech industry. Just about everywhere you look, you will see people wearing them on the street or the subway. Airpods revolutionized the way people think about headphones. People must have thought that finally, a truly wireless solution was in sight and that they don't ever have to worry about tangled wires ever again.

While Apple certainly delivered on the premise that they've set for the Apple Airpods. Users no longer had to carry a dongle and risk losing them while on the road. More importantly, they look good, sound great, and offer ample battery life. Plus, it comes with a case that charges the Airpods when not in use. That said, there's just one problem — all these conveniences had made the Airpods very easy to lose.

If you're worried that you might accidentally lose your Airpods, then you would be glad to know that there are a few highly recommended accessories that you can get to prevent such a problem. In this article, we'll go over some of them and how each accessory can help you keep your Airpods safe.

 kmmin Airpods cases

Airpods cases

Perhaps the most essential accessory that you would want to have for your Apple Airpods is a cute Airpods case. The included charging case might be more than adequate for protecting the Airpods when not in use. That said, the charging case itself has no protection and is prone to accidental scuff and scratches.

Airpods cases solve that problem by providing additional protection not just for the Airpods but for the entire unit itself. Hence users don't have to worry about what might happen should they drop the charging case from a considerable height. There are even waterproof Airpods cases that ensure your Airpods will be all right even if you advertently drop them on a pool of water.

Of course, the highlight of getting cool Airpod cases is that you get the option of getting something so flashy that it's hard to miss. Hence it'll be difficult for you to misplace your Airpods ever again. After all, colorful charging cases are hard to ignore, especially the ones being sold by KMMIN. This brand offers some of the most eye-catching designs for Airpods charging cases in a variety of themes and color combinations. There's bound to be something for everybody, and adding a more personalized touch to your Airpods will make it that much harder for most users to lose sight of them.

Now some might argue that AirPods Pro Cases are nothing but a fad and that they serve no other purpose other than to accessorize your purchase. This is of course not true, and you need only consider how much you'd have to spend should you lose your Airpods and any of its accessories:


  • $69 to replace one of the Airpods
  • $59 for a lost or damaged charging case
  • $199 for the entire unit (two Airpods and one wireless charging case).


It's unfortunate if you have to pay any of the amounts mentioned above when a simple charging case would have saved you the trouble. KMMIN's line of Airpods cases ranges in cost from a little over $10 to $29, which is chump change compared to the replacement cost. More importantly, charging cases help you safeguard your initial purchase and make the most out of your Airpod's service life.

 kmmin AirPods case

Other useful accessories to get that will help keep your Airpods safe

Airpods strap

It might seem silly to buy a strap for your Airpods when one of its' distinctive features is that they're wireless. However, we've established that such a feature also makes it easy to lose the unit.

Think about it — one of the Airpods might get dislodged out of your ear during your daily commute to work. Without straps, it would be tough for you to find them.

Another great thing about Airpod straps is that you have no shortage of options. You can choose a design that complements your charging case or get them as a set. KMMIN offers Airpods charging cases that come bundled with straps and other useful accessories.

Ear Hooks

Another neat accessory that you would want to get to keep your Airpods safe is a pair of ear hooks. These accessories are useful for when you're having trouble keeping your Airpods secure in your ear. That is because the silicone tips on these wireless headphones tend to be so small that they tend to fall out of the ear with any sudden movements. As you might imagine, that is where ear hooks come in as a safety accessory for your Airpods.

Ear hooks help maintain a secure fit for your Airpods, which mitigates the risk of losing them. Granted, you will have to remove them every time you put the Airpods on the charging case, which can be a hassle. Still, anyone concerned about their Airpod's safety is bound to agree that it's well worth it.

Similar to Airpods straps, Ear hooks can be bought separately or as part of a bundle. Some Airpods charging cases are sold pre-packaged with other accessories, including ear hooks and straps.

Airpods charging case tile

Attaching a tile to your Airpods charging case

As an added measure, you might want to consider getting a tile (phone or key finder) and sticking it into your Airpods charging case. That way, if you lose them, you will have a way to track it.

Tiles were initially designed to help people find their keys or their phone. That said, the same can be done with the Airpods charging case. While you won't be able to attach the tile to the Airpods themselves (too small), at the very least, you will always have a way to locate the charging case, which is the one thing that users tend to misplace.

So there you have it — a few must-have accessories to keep your Apple Airpods safe! With the accessories mentioned above, you'd have covered most (if not all) of your bases. After all, the last thing you need is to lose your Airpods within weeks of buying them. Not when there are a bunch of inexpensive accessories you could have purchased to prevent such a problem.