After the end of Halloween, America's largest shopping carnival has begun to warm up, many businesses are the first to announce various discount promotions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to release their own promotional information.

The National Retail Federation says consumers will spend on three main categories during the holidays - gifts for family, friends, and colleagues, and more than half of holiday shoppers will choose to shop online. It is undeniable that shopping online can avoid crowded and can choose the perfect gift by comparing the stores. Here are the 15 most popular Thanksgiving gift ideas listed in online shopping.

1. AirPods Case

If your friend has AidPods, he must have an Airpods case, because AirPods are expensive and need to be protected by shell-like many technology products to prevent it from scratching or cracking. The Airpods case is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting wet when it's raining. It is very convenient to hang the Airpods when you don't need to use the earphone. The special AirPods case must be the perfect gift for your friends.

Airpods case

2. Smart wake up alarm clock

The traditional alarm clock will wake people up from sleep in the morning, making a harsh sound, and then we turn off the alarm clock in anger, which is a nightmare. The smart wake-up alarm clock can set the favorite songs, and can automatically adjust the brightness of the light, and the light gradually brightens as the sun rises; the alarm clock with artificial intelligence can also release the soothing music and adjust to help fall asleep. A smart wake-up alarm clock is very effective for people who have difficulty falling asleep. Is there any more cool and technological gift than artificial intelligence in 2019?

Smart wake up alarm clock

3.Smartphone Lens

Although there are smartphones that can take photos all the time, it is not enough for Facebook and INS enthusiasts to meet the requirements for photo framing and pixels. Smartphone lenses get better photographic angles and views and produce better-performing, higher-resolution photos without the need for a very expensive camera like a photographer. This is the most satisfying gift for self-timer enthusiasts.

Smartphone Lens

4. Dew machine

Dew machines are machines that automatically produce water to replenish plants, condense the moisture in the air like a dehumidifier, generate a certain amount of moisture in the surrounding air and automatically filter to get clean water, and then transport the water to the roots of the plants themselves. It is automatically watered like a hard gardener, you don't have to worry about forgetting to water the plants and causing the plants to dry up, and you don't have to worry about the dead plants after you travel back and relax. This should be the most environmentally friendly technology gift this year.

Dew machine

5. Portable projector

The portable projector is especially suitable for video entertainment at home or outdoors, like a home theater. After a Thanksgiving dinner, watch movies or games with family or friends. No need for troublesome assembly equipment, just connect the mobile phone and the MHL line. Simple Convenience.

Portable projector.

6. Smart aromatherapy machine

The past aromatherapy is only a perfume or a candle, but now there is a smart aromatherapy machine with Bluetooth and application functions. It can determine the concentration of aroma or even the aroma of a different time and activate the aromatherapy function on the way home. Let the house be full of aroma when you get home. It can also release different fragrances at the same time to blend out your own unique aroma. This is a love gift of aroma enthusiasts.

Smart aromatherapy machine

7. Portable game console

The game console that can disassemble the console is a great gift for parties. The portable game console can connect it to the TV and directly unload the console and play games against multiple friends without waiting in turn. Cool.

Portable game console

8. Temperature control smart cup

Nothing is more enjoyable than having a cup of good coffee at all times. Especially in the cold winter, drinking a cup of warm coffee is the happiest day. The intelligent temperature control cup can set the temperature by connecting the Bluetooth device, keep the coffee at the proper temperature, don't worry about getting cold, and even boil the water. This is the most popular cup for coffee control.

Temperature control smart cup

9. Foldable flat bracket

You may not have thought that the stand will become one of the most popular gifts. In fact, the foldable tablet stand can support many devices such as tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, etc. It can also be placed directly in the pocket and can be used whenever needed. Take it out, whether it is daily life or morning office has a great effect. Your mother may need to have a delicious dinner on Thanksgiving Day. The foldable stand is a great way to help her support the tablet for easy viewing.

Foldable flat bracket

10. Multi-function charging treasure

Nowadays, devices such as smartphones and tablets consume a lot of power. Multi-functional portable charging devices can charge a variety of devices and even charge two devices at the same time. For electronic device enthusiasts and business people, multi-function charging Treasure has great convenience and is an excellent gift.

Multi-function charging treasure

11. Smart speaker

Smart speakers can connect to mobile apps via Bluetooth, play music while doing housework at home, and even play news or broadcasts. At the same time, it has an LED display that can display outdoor temperature, timing and time. It is a multi-function smart speaker. The smart speakers are also waterproof, allowing you to enjoy music and evoke a party atmosphere while holding a party outdoors.

Smart speaker

12. Fitness tracker

It can perform GPS positioning, track execution steps, distance coverage, and heart rate, and also has a waterproof function. It is also the best choice for runners and outdoor exercise. Parents can monitor and set up alarms and reminders during outdoor sports to ensure safety.

Fitness tracker

13. Intelligent weight scale

The intelligent weight scale can measure body fat, bone quality, muscle mass, etc., clearly know your body and fitness status, use the WiFi or Bluetooth device to connect to the mobile phone application, get physical health data and index, and also be able to choose and family Doctors share data and discover and adjust their health in a timely manner.

Intelligent weight scale

14. Wireless keyboard

The wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to a PC, tablet or mobile phone, completely free from the constraints of the cable, can be easily put into the laptop case or backpack, takes up only a small amount of space, and is light in weight, suitable for frequent use of the keyboard and people who often need to go out to work.

Wireless keyboard

15. Bluetooth hat

A knit hat with two speakers that allows you to enjoy music while you are out in the winter while keeping your head warm. The built-in microphone of the hat keeps hands-free calls, is convenient and practical for outdoor sports in winter, and is easy to wear. When cleaning the hat, you only need to remove the headset, no complicated steps are required, and anyone can apply it.

Bluetooth hat

Let’s start the Thanksgiving shopping trip and buy creative and personalized gifts for our family, friends, and colleagues.