Having an AirPods case is a combination of life and fashion.

Whether it is on the way to travel or work, when you are bored, you can't avoid listening to songs and watching videos. The headphones have gradually become an object that we must carry with us when we go out. Without earphones, no matter how good music, sharing will be limited by time and space. Because most of the time, music is only for ourselves. What we expect is the freedom that the world has nothing to do with me after wearing headphones. Among the many earphones, AirPods has undoubtedly become the new favorite of the public, and his portability has greatly satisfied our pursuit of life.

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple. They were first released on December 13, 2016. The built-in infrared sensor of the earphone can automatically recognize whether the earphone is automatically played in the ear, and can control the Siri control by double-clicking. The battery life is 5 hours, the music is automatically played with the headphones, and the microphone of the beam is better. Double-click the headset to turn on Siri, and the charging box supports 24-hour battery life. The connection is very simple, just open it and let the iPhone recognize it automatically.

AirPods and charging case

The emergence of AirPods has driven the growth of the wireless headset industry, and other brands of mobile phones or headsets have begun to rise wireless Bluetooth headsets. As far as AirPods is concerned, if you lose $160 or if there are scratches on the surface, you will be very distressed. Therefore, the competition of the AirPods case industry began to become increasingly fierce.

Speaking of AirPods, he can't do without his charging case, which is interdependent. So, protecting the charging case is also protecting the AirPods itself. In particular, the pure white plastic case of AirPods looks clean, but it is easily worn or stained. The charging case is often placed in a pocket or bag, and the surface is polished. It will be covered with scratches in a few days.

Anything can only last for protection. Especially in today's society, we can't do without electronic products, and if we want to use an electronic product for a long time, we only have to protect it. Now that the charging case has gradually become the new hot spot of people, let's take a look at the advantages of the protective case:

Advantage 1: Security

As the level of headphone manufacturing increases, the internal level is getting higher and the size is getting smaller and smaller, which means that the possibility of breaking and losing the earphone is increasing. Maybe a slight bump can make a crack on the surface of your precious AirPods case. With this in mind, wearing a protective case (especially silicone-based elastic material) can improve the impact resistance of the earphone case and reduce the possibility of accidental damage. For example the AirPods case of this brand KMMIN. Its air silicone case is made of durable, non-toxic, odorless and soft gas-phase silicone. The advantage of this high-quality silica gel is that it not only protects our body but also gives you a more comfortable feeling. It also protects your AirPods from collisions, drops, scratches, and slips without increasing the size.

Also worth mentioning is this product: 7 in 1 Wireless Charging Premium AirPods Case. This is not only a central product AirPods Case (Airpods NOT included) but also includes Stainless Steel Case Carabiner, AirPods Silicone Stra, AirPods Ear Hook Grips, Cleaning Brush and Lanyard Accessories Box. it is reasonably priced and offers exceptionally good value.

kmmin AirPods case

Advantage 2: Personality

The feeling of using original AirPods is too monotonous for everyone, especially so many people are using it, and there is no personality at all. The appearance of the protective case satisfies the embodiment of the young people's dissimilarity to the earphones. It must be said that changing the protective case always feels like changing a new AirPods. More importantly, users can't decide what the AirPods charging case looks like, but they can decide what clothes to wear for them. According to their aesthetic customization, it is in line with the current personalized consumer demand. Merchants have paid a lot of money in this respect, and various styles and colors greatly satisfy all the needs of consumers. KMMIN Air Case is combined with a different color. Simple and stylish color matching brings a stronger visual effect. Some of the colors have a luminous look that glows beautifully and fascinatingly at night. A perfect gift for family, love, and friends.

beautiful AirPods cases

Advantage 3: Value preservation

AirPods is much more expensive than other brands of headphones, and for most people, it is certainly hoped to be used for a few more years. By wearing a protective cover, the charging case can be provided with maximum protection, which is not only prone to hard injury but also not easy to become dirty and discolored. It is well protected and can be used in a few years. When it comes to this, I have to mention his main product: Waterproof Airpods Case. The main function of this product is waterproof. It have obtained patent certificates in both the European Union and the United States, which is the first silicone air case tested by IP 68. With super sealed cover and tough materials, the waterproof depth of its Air case is more than 3.3 feet (1 meter) and is completely resistant to foreign objects and dust, which is better than most products on the market. Besides, he has a 90-day money-back guarantee. As a professional seller of Amazon, KMMIN has 100% confidence in the quality of its products. If you find any defects or quality problems with their chassis, please feel free to contact them and they will immediately give you a replacement or a 100% refund.

Besides purchasing a protective case, we also need to pay attention to some problems when using Airpods. Thereby improving the use rate of the earphone and ensuring the normal use of the earphone.

  • If the temperature is too high or the humidity is too high, the earplugs will be damaged. Especially in the diaphragm, the performance is most obvious. In the case of high temperature and high humidity, the diaphragm of the earplug is easily deformed. So don't get the earbuds close to these places, such as direct sunlight, fire, water, etc.
  • The earplug diaphragm is relatively hard and the sounding principle of the earplug is the vibration of the diaphragm. In the case of a large volume, the larger the amplitude of the earplug diaphragm from the original position, the more difficult it is to return to the initial position. This is like the principle of a spring. If it exceeds the limit, it will not be able to recover. Therefore, it is recommended that you preheat the earplugs first, and do not listen to the new earbuds with a large volume.
  • Keep your AirPods away from the magnetic field as much as possible. The earphone horn has magnetic components, and the strong magnetic component will weaken the internal components of the earphone, and the sensitivity will decrease over time, which reduces the sound quality of the earphone.
  • Regularly clean your AirPods. You should choose a small brush and other cleaning tools to remove the soundhole ear wax, you can also use a soft toothbrush, then gently wipe with a handkerchief scarf, do not use a hard cleaning tool. When not using headphones, keep the headphones in a clean, dry place.
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    Only when the AirPods and the charging case are protected at the same time can the AirPods be used for a long time. In daily life, in addition to making a phone call, the main role of AirPods is to listen to music. Because in the world of music, most people are so kind, friendly and optimistic. Music has no borders, and in any language is the same, as long as it is good music, everyone can understand. A pair of headphones can take us to the world of music, and feel what we have experienced in music with our hearts! In the world of music, we are all that we want to live. Protecting your AirPods and charging case is to protect your music and protect your secret world.