A great trip requires preparation in advance

Travelling, in my narrow view, is probably to leave the place I am familiar with and feel the human environment of another place. The main purpose is to relax, and at the same time, I can see and learn something new in strange places.


The purpose of my first trip was simple, to find happiness. Because I feel very depressed in life and work. I feel that the person who walked out of the campus into the society gradually became unlike me. I don't like the breathless me who is always overwhelmed by life. I want to change back to the optimistic and often smiling me.

I needed to relax a bit, I was too tight, so I went on a journey. During the trip, I found that I got the entertainment and happiness I wanted, and there were a lot of gains. The friends I know during travel, and what I have learned during travel, is a change in the mentality and state of the whole person.

A great trip is relaxing and fun. But we also encounter all kinds of troubles during the trip, and to avoid these, we need to pay attention to some things.

Be prepared before you travel. Travel tickets, hotel accommodations, and vehicles to attractions need to be known in advance. The holiday itself is not long. If you do n’t pay attention to these things, you will waste a lot of effort on these things when you arrive at the destination. We are out for fun. Do n’t waste all the time watching the scenery on the road. Many things are the same. You must plan and learn to plan.

What you need to prepare before traveling is some carry-on items.

What should I prepare before traveling? Many people who have not traveled far must have some doubts. They may wish to bring all their belongings with them. It is unnecessary. Based on my personal travel experience, I will now summarize the list of essential travel supplies.

suitcase for traveling1. A suitcase or backpack and a lightweight pouch

According to the distance you go out, it can be divided into a large box for clothes, a suitcase with a lock, and a lightweight backpack when traveling. If you are planning to be on the road for several months, prepare a backpack. It is best to have a professional bag with a carrying system.

In addition to a backpack or suitcase for all luggage, prepare a small bag for documents, cell phones, and other small items. Once you arrive at a place, you must drop your luggage and go out to play, then a small bag is necessary.

2. Certificates and bank cards

An ID card or passport, depending on the travel destination.

Preferential documents such as student cards and old-age cards: it is an indispensable valid card to enjoy the discount tickets for scenic spots.

Cash and bank card: Travel is unavoidable, so be sure to bring a bank card.

3. Mobile phones, cameras, and chargers, card readers

Mobile phones are a must-have. A camera is a great tool for recording journeys and must be taken. When you bring a camera, you must bring a card reader.

The AirPods charging case is a pure white plastic case that looks clean, but it is not very wear-resistant or dirt-resistant. The charging case is often placed in the pants pocket or bag, and the surface is polished, and it is covered with scratches within a few days. Therefore, I recommend that you buy a protective box for it, just like the phone case. Apple products are not cheap, whether they are soiled or broken. Or if you accidentally lose it during the trip, you will be very distressed. With a protective case, this situation can be completely avoided.

Kmmin AirPods case

For example, I have used this brand of kmmin AirPods protective case, which has a hook itself and can be hung on a backpack, which is very convenient to take and use. There is also a better waterproof model, it does not matter if it is rained or accidentally wet. The most important thing is that the materials used in its products are harmless to the human body, have quality assurance, and are reasonably priced, which is worth everyone to try.

4. Clothing and shoes

It depends on the weather of the place you are going to and the time required to travel. Summer clothing is more convenient, just a few t-shirts and pants. More underwear and socks are available. In winter, you need to bring thick clothes. Jeans are great for travel and dirt-resistant. A pair of relatively good walking shoes is very important. After many personal practices, the shoes have a great impact on the happiness of the journey.

5. Cleaning supplies

1) towels, toiletries; 2) toilet paper, facial tissues, wipes; 3) skincare products, cosmetics, combs; 4) lip balms; 5) sunscreen; 6) male shavers / female menstrual supplies

It is necessary to bring cleaning supplies. Although some items are also sold locally, it is better to bring your own with you.

climb mountain6. Spare medicinal

Commonly used drugs: cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, band-aid, and medicines commonly used for their diseases.

During the trip, you must be optimistic about your carry-on luggage. Although there are many good people in the world, there are still bad people who use the rest of the car to do some stealing things. If you lose something like your ID card or cell phone, it can be a big hassle for travel. So be sure to pay attention when resting in the car, especially important things must be placed close to you.

After arriving at the destination, do not go directly to the tourist attractions. Go to the hotel you have booked in advance, check out where you will stay at night, and complete the formalities. You should know that playing all day is very tiring. If there is another accident in the rest place at night, it will be even more irritating. And when staying in a hotel, be careful not to open the door easily, to ensure your rest and safety. Be sure to come to the hotel first to get everything done and put your luggage away. You don't have to take a lot of things to visit the attractions, which will be very tiring.


After arriving at the scenic area, you must follow the rules of the scenic area. Don't go where you are not allowed. If there is an accident, it will be very bad. As a tourist, you must have your moral qualities, take the initiative to protect the environment of the scenic area, and do not destroy it arbitrarily. Only in this way can you have a wonderful journey.

A perfect trip requires a lot of cooperation. It is necessary to prepare well in advance.